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The macaron invites you to travel

The macaron invites you to travel

Daniel Kämpf ()

Grasp a macaroon, feel the smooth appearance of its shell under his fingers, experience the crunch of the shell under the tooth, pulsate when the creamy filling invades the palate, until it fills with its fragrance, it's the heart macaroon that brings pleasure to our taste buds. This heart can be a ganache, a buttercream or a jam, whatever, it's the flavors that give it life. With the macaroon, everything is allowed. Sticking to classic flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, pistachio or raspberry is reducing; the macaroon can be used in all sizes, in fruity or spicy touches, in harmony with the seasons.

The taste possibilities of the macaroon are endless, Maison Amarella pushes the boundaries of taste ever further, to offer tasters as unexpected and unforgettable journeys. Maison Amarella's macaron contains the world, a world of colors and flavors, a world of opulence and splendor that reflects rich and varied culinary cultures.

The Arabian Peninsula is the first stop on this journey, with the Désert Sucré collection. This collection was created especially to make you discover a civilization made of hospitality, human warmth, refined landscapes. You will appreciate the spices and aromas which define this region and which harmonize in perfect harmony with the very Parisian character of the macaroon. Your taste buds will fly away for an emotional taste journey through exotic fruits such as date or pomegranate, and oriental spices such as saffron or cardamom.

The flagship macaron in our collection is called Kleeja, named after a very popular traditional Saudi cookie filled with date syrup and topped with a blend of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and dried lime. You will discover in the Kleeja macaroon, the authentic taste of this national delight, star of all cultural festivities and which will not fail to remind you of the aromas of Christmas.

The Tahini Pomegranate macaron highlights an essential ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine, sesame paste. This condiment has a good nutty taste. Generally, it enhances salty dishes, but the association with pomegranate molasses gives it a tangy note that will make you feel the wind blowing in the desert.

What would the Arabian Peninsula be without coffee? We have chosen the subtle aroma of gahwa, the traditional coffee of this region, made from lightly roasted and delicately spiced green coffee beans. This is how the gahwa badge was born, to honor the hospitality and the spirit of sharing that comes from coffee. For a short time, you will feel welcomed in the nomad tent.

Rose water finds its happiness in oriental pastry thanks to its delicate and subtle taste. You will find a floral touch in our Maracon Rose, garnished with a white chocolate ganache infused with 100% natural rose water, selected with the greatest care.

Our saffron-cardamom macaron combines two spices very popular in this region. The saffron dissipates an aroma of honey with metallic notes, the cardamom a camphor and slightly lemony taste. They delicately combine to flavor the filling, a white chocolate ganache. An improbable encounter between these two spices known for their strong character will take you to the sand dunes in the middle of the desert.

The date is the emblematic fruit of the Arabian peninsula and its generosity. It is indeed customary to offer dates to visitors as a gesture of welcome. Our Sweet Desert collection would not be complete without a badge that highlights this fruit so rich in symbols. Crunching in the date macaroon will transport you to an oasis, under the palm trees.

The Désert Sucré collection will introduce you to unique flavors. Thanks to the magic of pastry, you will experience an immediate embarkation for the Arabian Peninsula.
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